REVIEW: No Second Chances

no second chances



Title: No Second Chances 

Author: Kate Evangelista 

Page Count: 225

Originally Published: May 16, 2017






Natasha was DEVASTATED when Jackson, her first love, disappeared without a word only to pop up months later as a famous DJ. But now she’s over it―over him!―and ready to move on with her life! Isn’t she?

Jackson thought he was leaving Dodge Cove behind forever when he set off to LA to start his career as a DJ. But the one thing he had never been able to leave behind was the memory of his first love, Natasha, and now that he’s proven his success, he’s coming home to win her back…


I found this book after searching the shelves of my local library for something to read. The cover caught my eye, and the plot seemed cute, so I picked it up. Unfortunately, it was not as cute as I thought it would be.

So you’ve read the synopsis, right? Guy leaves girl unexpectedly, girl is upset, guy comes back to win her over, and happily ever after! That’s literally it. That’s the book. We can all go home now, because the entire plot of the book was on the back of the cover. There wasn’t any good plot twists, no love triangle, nothing. It was one of the most bland books I’ve ever read. While there were some cute moments, (they made a Harry Potter lemonade stand! Harry Potter!! But also…. Harry Potter sweetie.) I didn’t really fall in love with this couple at all. And the characters themselves? Shoot me.

There’s a reason why I listed Natasha as the most annoying character in my Greek Mythology Book tag. She’s annoyingly stubborn and bland. Early in the book, when Jackson comes back to town, they meet again at his brother’s engagement party. When they run into each other, you know who gets mad? Natasha. “How dare you show your face here!” She says, as if this wasn’t the engagement party of the man who he shared his childhood with. That’s the one moment in the series that irks me the most, honestly. I get it, you’re mad, but this is his BROTHER’s party. Honestly, did you not expect to see him there? Ignoring that, she’s … boring. Apparently she’s involved in fashion but the book is very bland when it comes to describing the oh so exciting world of careers in fashion. Boooorrringgg.

And don’t get me started on Jackson. He’s a DJ. DJs are douchebags. It’s just common knowledge. And his whole “I’m so depressed without you babe! Here’s some sob story about how my life is nothing without you!” Cry me a river, babe. You left her. You literally left her. The night of a party you were supposed to take her to, you literally left with no word. You didn’t deserve her to take you back. (Oh, was that a spoiler? Nevermind, that was on the back of the book. Sorry.) I will forever hate him.

Anyways, the best part of the book was the little kid that Natasha and Jackson helped on his project. He was cute and the Harry Potter lemonade stand was adorable. I guess. I don’t know.

I realize this review was more of a hate rant instead, but I really don’t care. I wanted to put the book down so badly but I was one book away from my Goodreads goal (a small sum of 45) and this didn’t have a lot of pages so I continued to read it. But if you liked it, unlike me, don’t take this too harshly. Some books just aren’t for people.

                              My Rating: 1 Star

I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone, honestly.


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